Piet Blom

Piet Blom (Amsterdam, February 8th, 1934) grew up in ‘de Jordaan’, a working class district where life takes place on the streets. In ‘de Jordaan’ Blom developed his perception on work and living.

After having completed a carpenter and draughtsman formation, he signed up for the study of ‘Architecture’ at the Academy of Architecture where, among other teachers, he was tutored by Aldo van Eyk.


This site is dedicated to Piet Blom, the famous dutch architect, who lived from 1934 until 1999

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The new edition "Piet Blom’s Rotterdam, New life to the Old Port" is available through bookshops, and this Web site. Price of the book is € 24,50 (for ordering through the website including shipping charges). "Piet Blom’s Rotterdam" is a bilingual edition (Dutch and English) and contains summaries in German, Spanish and Japanese. The book provides a comprehensive overview of design and construction of the cube dwellings on the Overblaak and the Spanish Quay (Spaanse Kade). With essays of Jan Willem Vader (urban development manager of the Old Harbour), Ruud Brouwers (NAi, deputy director-general at the time), and Ed de Graaf (owner KijkKubus). Also, a description of the study period of Piet Blom containing his studies: 'The cities will be inhabited like villages’ (De steden zullen dorpsgewijs bewoond worden) and ‘High level spatial planning’ (Wonen als algemeen stedelijk dak). The book contains several great photos, sketches and drawings that have not been published before. Paperback, 160 pages, full color, 17 x 25 cm.

The english monograph of Piet Blom

The book, a full color edition comprehending 232 pages ( 24x30cm) is available can be ordered here

Contributors: Francis Strauven, Hans van der Eijk en Maarten Kloos.

Text: Jaap Hengeveld

Photography: Dirk Verwoerd

Redaction: Abel Blom

Design: Hanneke de Groot